Side Emblems

Here is a selection of some of the side emblems for Marine Corps Rings. To design a ring you must select two of the emblems to be placed on bothe sides of the ring. You can do this when you enter the shop at Military Online Shop. Remember that you must select two different designs as there is only one cast of each design and both sides have to be cast simultaneously.

Side Emblems For Marine Rings

These side emblems represent the divisions of the Marine Corps. Above each emblem you will see default text. When you get to the design area you can replace this text with your own. Popular text above the side emblems are the family name, service dates and deployment dates. You can enter anything you wish as long as it fits on two lines. Each line can only be nine characters long including spaces. Each ring is a one off and this makes them unique in their own right. Traditionally worn on the right hand they are instantly recognizable and form a band of brotherhood.

More images of the emblems available from the Balfour range.
marine corps rings

side emblems

The stone seen on the rings above can be replaced. This will allow you to select a stone to represent you or your spouse’s birth month. There is a selection of 14 stones to choose from.

Around the stone you can select custom wording also. The most common wording is United States Marine Corps. Inside the stone you can opt to have a design inserted. This is done by laser and gives the ring a unique look. The quality of all these rings are the same and the only element that changes the price is the metal you select. Currently we have gold and silver and the price range is from $199 to $1399.00.

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