Marine Corps Signet Ring

The marine corps signet ring is one of the most popular rings worn by active and retired marines. The precise details of the image and the engraving is instantly identifiable. The most famous image engraved on these rings is the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. This Marine Corp logo can also be cast on top of the ring. One of the reasons this ring is popular is that it can be ordered easily online. All one needs to know is the rings size of the person that will be wearing it.

Silver Marine Corps Signet Ring

If you are looking for a ring that will represent value for money then you could opt for the silver selection. The silver selection will come on premium silver or sterling silver. Military Online Shopping offer a lovely range of sterling silver rings. The rings sre deely engraved with the marine logo on top. Around the logo the words United States Marines are prominenty engraved also. And under the logo the family name cal also be added. The shape oy the ring can be round or square. Inside the band of the ring can contain an inscription like a date of motto.
marine corps signet ring

Gold Marine Corps Signet Rings

This ring is in the expensive category of rings and is available in 10K gold. It is usually purchased to commemorate special occasions, such as promotions and retirements. The current selection at Military Online Shopping is available for customers wihing to ship to the United States. All of the rings are presented in a gift box or a velvet gift pouch.

When you purchase expensive items like a gold marine corps signet ring it is advisable to put this on your home insurance in case of loss or theft. Talk to you broker about this.


After placing your order with Military Online Shopping, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as these items are not in stock. They are made as they are ordered and the compamy process approximately 400 orders per month.