Marines are members of one of the world’s premier fighting forces, the elite branch of the United States Armed Forces. The Marine Corps has a long and distinguished history of protecting our freedom and defending our liberties. They have been fighting at the forefront of every armed conflict America’s been involved in since the country was born.

U.S. Marines are often among the first of America’s warriors to arrive on the scene of battle. Often they’re the first to go into actual combat, leading the way for other military units and taking the brunt of the enemy’s wrath.

Marines are Tough

All our marines are tough as nails, and they’re proud of it. The Marine Corps embodies the values of steadfast honor, unwavering courage and unshakable us marinescommitment in the face of adversity. The valiant men and women of the Corps carry the cause of freedom and democracy to the far reaches of the globe every day of the year. Many are ground troops that seize and occupy terrain, often launched by amphibious or air assault. Others are rotary or fixed-wing aviators or those who provide vital ground support for Marine aircraft.

And still, others provide a steady stream of supplies, services and communication, furnishing the logistics that are so crucial for the success of any mission. Marine gifts are designed to honor these men and women, and they’re easy to purchase and available online.

Marines are Prepared

Marines are prepared to fight in every climate, under all conditions and in every type of location, including urban areas, forests, deserts, mountains and jungles. And they often do. Right now active-duty members of the Marine Corps are deployed in the deserts of Iraq and in the mountains of Afghanistan. They are engaged in fierce combat with ruthless adversaries.

And more Marines stand ready to be called. Every one of them would be proud to receive Marine gifts that reflect and commemorate their service. All Marines are proud of the Corps, its longstanding traditions and its core values. They’re proud of the Marine Corps distinguished military history. And they’re proud of the commitment, dignity and courage under fire that they consistently exhibit. They’re proud soldiers and they have good reason to be.
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Marine Gifts

We can’t think of a better way to recognize their achievements or to thank them for their commitment to serving their country and, in doing so, to protect our freedom. A wide variety of memorable Marine gifts are available online, and they would be perfect for a Marine you know and love. Marine gifts appeal to Marines all over the world, whether they’re deployed in an active combat zone or they’ve just begun to recruit training. And receiving Marine gifts is always gratifying for veterans, too.

Marines do their best for us
You can do something wonderful for them, too, by giving Marine gifts to a current or former Marine. Even if you don’t know a Marine, you can show your support for our troops by displaying Marine gifts in your home or by donating Marine gifts to charitable organizations that support the members of the Corps and their families. Marines don’t wait when they’re needed – they go where they’re needed right away. Don’t wait to honor them. Design marine corps rings at Military Online Shopping for your units.