Marine Corps Rings

Marine Corps Rings created to honor those who serve in the United States Marines. Robust and durable is what makes these rings the most treasured item of marine jewelry currently available. There are three types of rings available in the market place today. The first one is the cast ring, the second is the engraved ring and the third is the band ring.

Custom Marine Corps Rings

If you want to design marine corps ring that have significance, then you have to consider the custom or bespoke ring. A bespoke ring is one that is made specifically for you. It will normally contain some personal information about the person wearing the ring. The most common information found on this style of ring is the name of the person and the dates of service.

gold marine corps rings

Additional Information On Rings

The anatomy of the ring allows for several areas that can be customized. Looking down on the ring from above you will first see the stone. The stone can be made in fourteen colors. These colors are colors representing the zodiac signs and relate to birth months. There are two extra colors available and they are black and fireblue spinnel.

Around the stone special wording is engraved to represent the branch. This can be United States Marine Corps or US Marines. There are a number of others and these can be selected from a drop down menu in the design area.

Sides of the Marine Corps Rings

This is where most of the work is done. For each division a unique cast has been created of the insignia. These casts are applied to the side of the rings to display a particular division or service insignia. The insignia can be plain or colored by an enameling process. The emblems are very precise and fully of intricate detail. There are a number of new emblems out now to represent enduring freedom and Iraqi freedom. The traditional ones are always available.