Balfour Side Emblems

Balfour side emblems for marine corps rings. The complete selection of side emblems are available in our shop. These will allow you the opportunity to design an Military ring in about ten minutes. Simply follow the instructions in the shop and insert the information required. Use the drop down menu to create the perfect Military ring.

Military Rings Available;

  • Infantry Rings, Cavalry Rings, Transportation Rings, Ordnance Rings, Engineers Rings
  • Field Artillery Rings, Airborne Rings, Military Police Rings, Aviation
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Desert Storm, Vietnam

Balfour Side Emblems for Marines

Marine and military rings can be further personalized by inserting the name  on the right or left side of the ring. Important dates of a special campaign or deployment can also be added. An area on top of the  rings offers the opportunity to select a stone that will reflect the birth month of the marine. The chart in the shop is where you can see what those colors represent. When you proceed to the online shop to create your ring there is so much more you can do to personalize your ring and create a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Balfour Side Emblems Listed

From the left shank to the right shank, you cam custom design your ring with images of insignia that will record your military career from day one. The details such as your name, dates of service or special dates from deployments  can be engraved on the sides also. All rings come with a lifetime warranty which is indicative of the quality of your Balfour Marine Rings.  Balfour are renowned for their quality rings, and by clicking on the shop image above you can start designing your own ring today!
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